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It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the IEEE International Conference on Communications, ICC 2014, and Sydney, Australia. The ICC is a flagship conference of the IEEE Communications Society and represents one of the largest gatherings of researchers and industry professionals in the field of communications in the world. This year’s conference is no exception and brings together more than 1500 delegates from around the globe to discuss the latest advances in this vibrant and constantly evolving field.

Undoubtedly, communication technology has fundamentally transformed our society in recent decades and the pace of change can only be described as disruptive. The technology itself is progressing and exploring new horizons. The delegates in ICC2014 will discuss and present the latest advances in next generation networking and wireless communication systems. A diverse range of topics from fifth generation (5G) technology, millimetre wave communications, massive MIMO, as well as energy efficiency and green communication systems are featured in the conference. However, the major transformation is likely to be due to the increased infiltration of communication capability in new application domains with profound impact on many sectors of our economy, and the potential to lead to new paradigms in manufacturing, services and transportation. In the ICC2014, you will hear about underground communications, vehicular networking, immersive and 3D multimedia systems, disaster recovery, sensor networking, the Internet of Things, machine to machine communications, and a range of other exciting topics about the way that communications is poised to change our lives.

In addition to the stimulating program of the conference, Sydney, with its tourist attractions, the diversity and quality of its cuisine, and world-class facilities, is an unforgettable place to visit. It is my hope, therefore, that you get a chance to explore Sydney and its surroundings, and enjoy the exotic and vibrant atmosphere of our city.

Organization of a conference of this size would not be possible without the dedicated efforts of many individuals. The ICC2014 is indebted to hundreds of volunteers who contributed to the various processes that make up the conference and it would not be possible for me to name them all in this short message. In particular, the Technical Program Committee, led by our indefatigable TPC Chair and supported by the TPC Vice-Chairs, Symposia, Workshop and Tutorial Co-Chairs completed a thorough peer-review process of around 3000 technical and workshop papers to select a comprehensive and high-quality technical program for the conference. This program is augmented and complemented by a number of Keynote Sessions and Industry Panels of high calibre, organized through the efforts of our Vice-General Chair, Keynotes and IF&E Co-Chairs. In addition, the Organizing Committee, both the Australian Local Committee and the dedicated team from the Communications Society in the USA, worked tirelessly to ensure the best quality experience for the delegates during the technical sessions and the social programs. Finally, I would like to thank our sponsors, exhibitors and supporters for their contribution to the conference.

It has been a great privilege for me to serve as the General Chair of ICC2014 and it is my hope that you find the conference stimulating, fulfilling and enjoyable. I thank you for your support of ICC and your attendance, and wish you a pleasant experience in Sydney and ICC2014.

Prof Farzad Safaei

General Chair, ICC2014
University of Wollongong, Australia


On behalf of the Technical Program Committee, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to the IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC 2014) in the beautiful harbor city of Sydney. Under the theme of “Communications: Centrepoint of the Digital Economy,” ICC2014 brings together researchers from all over the world to discuss the latest advances in communications technology. ICC2014 marks the first of it series being held in Australia.

The technical program of IEEE ICC 2014 consists of 12 symposia, 13 workshops, 20 tutorials, as well as industry and business panels. The conference also features five interesting keynote speakers who will highlight the infrastructure of the digital economy and future wireless systems. Together, all these forums present cutting-edge advances of both the scientific and industrial developments in communications engineering.

IEEE ICC 2014 received 2,608 paper submissions from 72 countries, out of which 995 papers have been accepted – corresponding to an acceptance rate of 38%. All papers have undergone a rigorous review process – every symposium paper was reviewed by at least 3 experts, with many receiving even more reviews. Also the workshops were carefully scrutinized with only half of submitted workshop proposals were finally accepted. Most of the technical symposia papers will be presented in lecture style, while some papers will be presented in interactive sessions in a new digital format for the first time. The quality of papers in lecture-style and interactive sessions is the same. The only criterion to assign a paper to an interactive session is topic homogeneity. Under the new policy of the Communications Society, all papers must be presented by authors, which hopefully will increase the discussions and lead to fruitful technical exchanges.

I would like to especially thank the TPC Vice Chairs, Symposium Co-Chairs, Workshop Co-Chairs,Tutorial Co-Chairs, and Industry Panel Co-Chairs, as well as the many hundred members of the technical program committee members and the external reviewers for their dedication. Without their help, this conference would not be possible. I would also like to thank the Keynote Speaker Co-Chairs, and the keynote speakers for contributing this important part of the program.

I am looking forward to seeing you all in Sydney!

Prof Abbas Jamalipour

TPC Chair
University of Sydney, Australia


For Industry Participants: if you are interested in specifically attending just the Industrial Forum & Exhibition, there is a special reduced-rate registration available for you (free registrations are included in IEEE ICC2014 patronage packages).

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